School Drive 2018-2019

We would like to inform you that it is the time of year again where we start preparing for our third annual School Supply Drive.  Although the students just let out of school and see no end of summer in sight, we are already planning ahead for them.  For parents, the beginning of the school year brings stress of financially providing for the school year.  It is important that we as a community support our children and encourage them to seek out knowledge and have a giving spirit.

We are requesting you financial or material assistance with making this successful for the future of our children in this community.  All funds and items donated will be used towards providing children in need of help with the necessary supplies to have a successful school year.

The supplies that are in need by students for the upcoming school year are as follows:  pencils, markers, dry erase markers, highlighters, crayons, erasers, folders, spiral notebooks, glue sticks, scissors, backpacks, pencil bags, Kleenex tissue, water color paints, index cards, binders, loose leaf paper, composition notebooks, handheld pencil sharpeners.

Providing these items for students in need is pertinent to helping the youth in our community succeed.  Last year we were able to donate 519 students with most of their school supplies taking a huge financial burden off their parents or guardians. The students came from Dumas, Cactus, Sunray and Dalhart communities.  We are hoping to reach out to even more students this year and with your help we can make this possible!

Having this as a resource to students in our community not only ensures the success of the students and take financial obligations off parents, but it benefits the schools and the teachers as well.  Teachers and administration of our local school often have to be the ones that provide students with supplies or find the resources to help students who have not come to school with all their supplies.  Giving these students this option first will help the 2018-2019 school year go much smoother right from the start.

We are very excited about the success we had with this last year because of the communities support and being able to meet this need in Dumas.  Feel free to call our center with any questions you may have or if you want to set a meeting up with a staff member or volunteer regarding what your church or business can do to help with this effort.

Thank you for you unending support and generosity, making an investment with our organization is making an impact on people’s lives!

Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Dumas


Last year we asked recipients of the school supply drive to anonymously write

“What has this donation meant to you and your family?”

These were some of the responses we got:

“We don’t have a lot of money for the supplies that school is asking for plus it helps takes some of the burden of trying to pay for clothes with collars a little easier on us.”

“My husband is the only one working and he does not make a lot.” We are struggling to make ends meat.”

“Because I am struggling with health issues. I don’t have any money to buy my kids school supplies.”

“I have five grandkids and am alone.”

“I am a single mom who doesn’t get child support.”

“We can’t afford any supplies our kids would go to school with no supplies.” We both work but not enough to pay our bills.”  Thank you!

“It is a huge blessing and times are hard.”

“Working mother started a new job and barley have enough to feed my kids.”

“It helps me very much, I am a single parent don’t make enough money.

“It helps tremendously, my brother passed away and we now have full custody of his children.”

“Disabled single mom unemployed saves lots of money.”

“Just barley started working and trying to get caught up on things.  It’s a real big help, thank you.”

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