Panhandle Gives 2018

PanhandleGives2018Please consider giving to our cause not only are we a pregnancy center, but we are a great resource to those in need.

WHAT WE DO-Our mission is simple: to provide practical help and hope in Jesus to women facing difficult pregnancy decisions in Dumas,Cactus,Texoma, Stratford, Sunray, Dallam, Dalhart, Amarillo,Channing, and the surrounding areas.

WHY WE DO IT-Half of pregnancies in the United States are unexpected.1 43% of unexpected pregnancies end in abortion.2 At current rates 1 in 3 women will have an abortion by age 45.3 In the U.S more than 1,000,000 unborn children lose their lives to abortion each year.

A study revealed that 94% of women who have had an abortion say, knowing where they are in life today, they would not have chosen abortion.5

OUR SERVICES-At our centers we offer a safe place for women to explore their options and receive accurate medical information.

We exist to reach women and families facing unplanned pregnancy who are strongly considering abortion. We believe that when women receive practical help and hope through our services that they will make a life-affirming pregnancy decision.

Crisis Intervention
Options Counseling, Adoption and Medical Referrals

Medical Services
Referral is made to medical facility

Parent Equipping
Parenting Education, Baby and Material Needs


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